Affinity Index Ranking


Affinity Index Ranking(アフィニティ・インデックス・ランキング)について。

Affinity Index Rankingとは、ショッピングサーチBecome.comが特許を持つ検索アルゴリズムです。「どんなページからリンクを受けているか」「どんなページにリンクをしているか」を基準にWebページの価値を判断する検索アルゴリズムです。

AIR represents a fundamentally new approach to ranking web pages that integrates advanced concepts from Applied Physics and Engineering Dynamics. AIR identifies exceptional web pages by understanding the level of interconnection between valuable sites from within specific fields of interest. AIR evaluates a web page based on what other "knowledgeable" sites in that specific field say about the page, and also evaluates the page based on what the page says about other "knowledgeable" sites in the specific field.
[ Introduces Affinity Index Ranking (AIR)]


Unlike's AIR, Google's PageRank estimates the popularity of a given web page by looking only at links into the page and doing so without any understanding of context.'s AIR, on the other hand, considers a site to be valuable if 1) it receives links from valuable sites within a similar topic of interest and 2) if it provides links to other valuable sites within a similar topic of interest (while minimizing links to off-topic sites). "By obtaining the standing of a web page within a given topic,'s AIR technology is able to provide exceptionally focused search results for users," Yun continues.

Become.comはMichael Yang氏とYeogirl Yun氏によって2004年に創設されました。